Project Submission Form

Deadline: Friday, February 2, 2024

Eligibility Requirements

  • Teams must be comprised of current or former TXST students, faculty, staff or a mix; no third-party concepts of products will be accepted.
  • Student teams are not required to have faculty advisors; however, it is encouraged.
  • Teams are encouraged to work with industry and corporate partners for mentorship, networking, and potential sponsorship.
  • If projects are group work from classes, all original participants must agree (not necessarily participate) to showcasing the project at the Innovation Lab.
Use your Texas State email address.
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Disclaimer: By submitting a project application and participating in the elimination and final events, project teams are agreeing to the public display of their work and granting the university permission to use their created content, as well as film/document their project and participation in the main event for media and promotional use for any university initiatives.