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TXST Innovation Lab is Back!

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This fall, after a COVID necessitated hiatus, we once again invited project teams, both student and staff, to submit their research projects for consideration for the 2022 Innovation Lab in Downtown Austin. The project teams consist of students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and research areas, and represent the innovation and diversity here at Texas State. 

The Texas State University Innovation Lab and Reception is an opportunity for Texas State research teams to showcase their projects to the international audience of SXSW. With help from corporate partners and mentors, students and faculty are using and creating breakthrough technologies to translate their ideas into transformative solutions to real-world problems. From utilizing augmented reality to train first responders to 3-D printing using recycled materials, Texas State research turns ideas into entrepreneurial action that impacts the world we live in.

  • Valet parking is available at the W Hotel for $25.00 (event rate).  
  • SXSW’s COVID Guidelines can be found here.
  • While there will be short remarks, the event is an open house. We invite guests to visit project tables and engage with research teams.

For more information or assistance, please contact Anna Chowdhury at achowdhury@txstate.edu . Texas State! It takes a Bobcat!

The Texas State Innovation Lab is open to SXSW badge holders and invited guests. We ask that anyone who does not have a badge RSVP.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

6:30  - 8:30 p.m.

The W Austin - 200 Lavaca St.
Austin, TX 78701

The event is open to SXSW badge holders and invited guests, we ask that anyone who does not have a badge to RSVP

SXSW 2022 TXST Innovation Lab Project Teams


This team is developing the first accessible versions of several diagramming apps for college courses. The inaccessibility of existing apps puts teachers who use them in legal peril and impedes their widespread adoption. Our apps will be more usable and versatile than the alternatives.

Beats and Lyrics team

Beats and Lyrics to Go: Mobile Spaces for Learning and Healing

This project creates mobile opportunities for music engagement for children, youth, and young adults. It draws from research on the positive effects of structured and unstructured music engagement on well-being and learning (e.g., stress, depression, and academic engagement).


Bobcat Aerospace

This project was created to give students hands-on experience in the design and manufacturing of an aerospace vehicle. The goal is to design and build a level 3 sounding rocket capable of delivering a 9-pound payload to 10,000 ft. To accomplish this, we have five sub-teams for managing the structures, avionics, payload, dynamics, and financing of the vehicle. 

Bobcat Racing

Bobcat Racing is a Formula SAE Student team based at Texas State University. Each year, the Society of Automotive Engineers hosts multiple FSAE competitions around the world where the students are tested to fund, design, manufacture, and develop a formula-style race car. The competition puts the teams’ efforts to the test with rigorous rule scrutineering and performance testing to see who not only designed and built the best car but who also managed the project and funded it. 

Bobcats Repurpose

This project manufactures a series of machines that are open for public use to repurpose/recycle post-consumer plastic.

CIEDAR Consortium

The TXST CIEDAR Consortium is building 9 smart living labs in 800 acres. It will be over 1 million square feet of construction housing 6,000 researchers focused on the following sectors: Utilities, Energy, Water & Wastewater, Buildings & Infrastructure, Mobility Cities, Networks, TXST CIEDAR Consortium is building 9 smart living labs in 800 acres. 

Digital Twin for Material Handling Operators in an Industry 4.0 Environment

This research presents a digital twin (DT) concept and prototype to represent human operators in an industry setting. The DT analyzes the operator’s fatigue and provides feedback in an augmented reality environment as the operator completes repetitive motions associated with material handling tasks.

Dual-Use Wideband Microphone Array System

This project relays voice communications and alerts users if ultrasonic anomalies (leaks, failing equipment, etc.) are detected. If a voice is detected, then that voice gets relayed. If an anomaly is detected, then audio and visual alerts will go off indicating the intensity of that anomaly.

Eye Movements in Mixed Reality: Biometrics & Health Assessment

The growing ubiquity of virtual reality (VR) offers exciting opportunities to present new solutions to old problems via eye-tracking. We're using eye movements collected in VR to demonstrate how eye tracking can deliver password-free authentication and increase access to healthcare via VR devices.

Eye movement with VR headset
Incident reporting team

Incident Reporting APP for Fire Services

The team is making an app (Android & Apple devices) to help firefighters learn, remember and reference incident reporting writing & coding best practices. The app will include a bot for interactivity & multimedia for engagement. It will be publicly available to all firehouses in the US.

Image of upper atmosphere

Measuring the Decay of Muons Through Earth's Atmosphere

The team designed high-altitude balloon missions to study the properties of the upper atmosphere as a function of altitude, location, and climate. These missions were stepping stones to launching Texas State University's first low Earth-orbiting satellite.

Nurturing Neurodiversity APP

The Nurturing Neurodiversity app is designed to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) improve the quality of their social interactions by identifying the emotion of the conversational partner.

The masked app

SolarSno Shaved Ice

SolarSno Shaved Ice is a series of fully solar/battery-powered, clean energy food trucks operating in three locations in the city of Austin, Texas which sell Hawaiian Shaved Ice and prioritize sustainable business practices. SolarSno leases undeveloped commercial property otherwise impossible for other food trucks due to electrical requirements.

Solarsno team


SpExoDisks allows astronomers to interact with acquired spectra of exoplanet-forming disks. SpExoDisks solves three main problems: accessibility, integration, and interactivity of spectral data. Data is gathered from various telescopes that are integrated into one accessible database with interactive plots.

Texas State Community Stories with Augmented Reality (AR)

This project is to reimagine forgotten histories and stories of the TxState community through Augmented Reality (AR). This project is a digital placemaking project that adds real values and fosters a deeper relationship between the university community members with the campus in a meaningful way.

Innovation Lab Event Archives

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smart city presentation

Corporate Partnerships

Creating & fostering holistic partnerships with corporations and foundations to support academic excellence and research.