Investing for the Future

We’re investing to ensure our learning spaces continue to keep up with the creativity and potential of our students. No other school in Texas has our unique mix of historic buildings, unique natural resources, green spaces, and research facilities to support student success.

New Music Building

This 21st-century addition to the campus will be a showcase for music education and practice. It will serve almost 600 music majors and 80-plus faculty.

"The arts are a lot like athletics: when you're recruiting top talent, facilities matter."

John Fleming, Ph.D., Professor and Dean,
College of Fine Arts and Communications

students playing instruments

-Accommodate needs of choral, opera, percussion, jazz, mariachi, salsa, piano, and symphony orchestra

Renovate Spring Lake Hall

Renovations to Spring Lake Hall's first floor & patio will increase efficiency and provide a premier educational space for K-12, college students, and visitors.

Reimagining Historic Spring Lake Hall

Texas State seeks to provide The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment with the facilities it needs to fully capitalize on its groundbreaking work to ensure clean and abundant water for our homes, businesses, industry, recreation, health, and survival.

diagram of spring lake

Reimagining Historic Spring Lake

Support to renovate Spring Lake Hall today will enable future generations of Texans to thrive thanks to our foresight in preserving and stewarding the world's single most precious commodity: water.

students conducting research

Destination for Conservation Research

Spring Lake Hall is an immersive interpretive research destination for conservation researchers from all over the world.


Athletic Training Facility

The South Endzone Training Facility needs funding to renovate the training facility.

Round Rock Health Professions Equipment at Round Rock Campus

Funding for medical equipment will meet the needs of our health professions departments.

Medical Equipment in the Classroom Helps Spark Healthcare Careers

In the classrooms and clinics in Willow Hall, experience with medical equipment provides students the kind of hands-on learning that translates into healthcare careers.

student in hospital classroom

TXST Leading with Applied Research Facilities


Funding will support construction of a state-of-the-art research lab that will provide structural testing for concrete beams, materials and other technologies.

Connected Infrastructure for Education, and Demonstration of Applied Research (CIEDAR)

CIEDAR is a new research strategy for Texas State.
The facilities being built under CIEDAR at STAR Park will all have embedded smart technology, including smart floors and smart walls.

CIEDAR is our newest research collaboration at Star Park. CIEDAR also serves as the transdisciplinary study of technologies with application to infrastructure. 

A second building will be added to the facility which serves as a technology incubator/accelerator for start-up and early-stage businesses involved in campus research.

Bobcats Call Texas State Home

Generations of Bobcats have called this home. The natural beauty of our campuses are just the beginning of what makes
Texas State special. Campuses aren’t just for class.

In San Marcos and our dynamic and growing Round Rock Campus, it’s a community and a place where students can challenge themselves and each other. 

Round Rock Campus Tour

San Marcos Campus Tour

At TXST, we drive what's NEXT - and NEXT IS NOW.

To learn more, please contact Brooks Hull, Vice President of University Advancement at or call 512.245.2396.