Giving Priorities

NEXT is a goal, gift, and promise. It’s how Texas State moves forward, continuing a legacy built on making a better tomorrow. The NEXT IS NOW capital campaign was publicly launched in 2021 with the goal of raising $250 million for students, academics, athletics, and our campuses.

Two students walking on Texas State campus and talking


Our students are the present and future face of Texas. They may come from vastly different places, but like Texans, they have a lot in common. They're driven, they're hopeful and authentically, unapologetically themselves. They know the world won't fix itself. They're preparing to do it themselves. We exist to help them. 

  • We attract hard working, curious and creative, daring and determined students. Our students work a lot, both in their studies and to make their studies possible. Everything they have, they have earned. Scholarships and fellowships ensure they will continue to have opportunities to do as much as they dream.

  • We know experiences outside the classroom are crucial to preparing our students for the world beyond college. Whether that's working on a faculty mentored project, securing an internship, studying abroad, or finding a group of Bobcats who get just as psyched about everything from keeping the river clean to building a business, we want “hands-on” to always be a part of the Bobcat Experience.

  • We take care of our own. We're continually adapting to support our students with a host of specialized resources, including academic support and advising, counseling and health services, accessibility and disability services, and more.

Student doing chemistry work in a lab


We don't wait for the future to arrive. Investments in our faculty help to shape that future. They are the backbone of all we do for the future of our students, America's future, your future. We have forward-looking academic programs to ensure our students are perpared for a constantly evolving job market. 

  • As researchers, we push the boundaries of knowledge, and we're equally dedicated to using what we find to improve the lives of our students and all humankind. In fields as diverse as energy and engineering to entrepreneurship and the arts, we forge partnerships with our community and the private sector to solve problems for our neighbors and our state. We have built a connected community, supporting people who want to learn and achieve, collaborating across our campuses and with our academic peers from other esteemed institutions. 

  • Creating and supporting endowed faculty positions ensures we have the resources to attract and keep faculty who are experts in their fields and dedicated to teaching the next generation; people as experienced in the boardroom and in the world as they are in the lab or the classroom; mentors who are as interested in guiding students as they are in making discoveries.

Texas State football player scoring a touchdown


The Texas State Bobcats are an NCAA Divison I FBS athletic program. From football to tennis to golf, our students excel in competition and the classroom. Texas State seeks to raise funs to better support our student-athletes to build on thier success, hit new milestones, and pursue more championships.

  • In college sports the competition for success begins with recruiting talented student-athletes. Scholarships help attract top student-athletes and demonstrate alumni support for our teams.

  • Student-athletes make an incredible commitment on and off the field. Building strong athletic programs means supporting our student-athletes in nutrition and health, competitive performance, academics, and personal development so they can give 100 percent in training on the field, court, track, course, or pitch.

  • Having Division 1caliber facilities is essential in helping our students to compete at the highest level. Top priorities include renovations to the Bobcat Stadium South End Zone Complex training facility and other existing facilities.

Old Main


Generations of Bobcats have called Texas State home. The natural beauty of our campus is just the beginning of what makes Texas State special. Campus isn't just for class. In San Marcos and our dynamic and growing Round Rock Campus, it's a community and a place where students can challenge themselves and each other. We're investing to ensure it continues to keep up with the creativity and potential of our students. 

No other school in Texas has out unique mix of historic buildings, unique natural resources and green spaces, and research facilities to support student success

  • Major renovation or facility needs include:

    • Music Building
    • Spring Lake Hall Exhibition and Patio Renovations
    • Live Oak Hall Film and Television Equipment
    • McCoy College of Business Student Success Center
    • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Athletics Training Facilities
    • Science, Technology, and Advanced Research (STAR) Park
    • Health Professions Round Rock Campus Equipment

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