2023 Project Teams

THANK YOU for Joining Us to Celebrate Innovation at the TXST Innovation Lab at 2023 SXSW Interactive!

The Texas State University Innovation Lab at SXSW Interactive is designed to provide an opportunity for research teams across campus to showcase their research and work to the ever-growing SXSW audience, the University’s corporate partners, and key University stakeholders.

student with pedal design

Explore the 2023 SXSW TXST Innovation Lab Projects

We are back with 16 project teams consisting of students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and research areas that represent the innovation and diversity here at Texas State.

Beats and Lyrics To Go

School of Social Work, Division of Inclusive Excellence, TRIO 

Project Sponsor: TRIO  

The Beats and Lyrics to Go project creates mobile opportunities for music engagement for children, youth, and young adults. It draws from research on the positive effects of structured and unstructured music engagement on well-being and learning. The Studio and Makerspace are key parts of this work. 

Bobcats Repurpose

Department of Manufacturing Engineering 

Project Sponsor: Hunt & Hunt 

Using the resources provided by the Ingram Hall Makerspace we are designing machines and creating processes to recycle post-consumer plastic. We are developing a recycling workshop on campus to allow the TXST community to learn and take plastic recycling into their own hands. 

Low-Earth Orbiting Satellite

Department of Physics and Ingram School of Engineering 

Our team is designing Texas State University’s first Low-Earth orbiting satellite that will be manufactured almost completely on campus. This project is a multi-departmental collaboration where students are working together to make an adaptable satellite for future launches. 

Low earth orbiting satellite team
eco-friendly concrete team

Eco-Friendly Novel Concrete

Ingram School of Engineering

One of the biggest problems of the concrete industry is its high emission, high energy consumption, and depletion of natural resources. This project is primarily focused on developing eco-friendly concrete materials that can help make the concrete industry carbon-neutral.

Ergonomics Bobcat Racing Team

Ingram School of Engineering

Project Sponsor: Brown Distributing Company

Bobcat Racing is a Formula SAE Student team based at Texas State University. Each year, the Society of Automotive Engineers hosts multiple FSAE competitions around the world where the students are tested to fund, design, manufacture, and develop a formula-style race car. This year's Ergonomics Team is focused on pedal design, production, and assembly.

GRIT Awards

Great Resilience In Texas (GRIT)

Translational Health Research Center (THRC)

The GRIT Awards recognize the resilience of small businesses in Texas and their contributions to a resilient Texas economy. Awardees recently recorded their insights and perspectives on resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic and other natural disasters to share best practices for other entrepreneurs. 

Human Digital Twins

Ingram School of Engineering

The CHiPS laboratory has been conducting state-of-the-art research to build a Human Digital Twin model for operator safety on a factory floor. The model is designed to simulate a worker by collecting data to detect and prevent injuries, improving efficiency and productivity in real-time.

Digital Twins team


College of Fine Arts and Communication

Meeko is software that acts as a guide for children just beginning to interact online by offering helpful tips about safe and unsafe practices online.

Mental Health MAP

Translational Health Research Center (THRC), Department of Computer Science, and Department of Sociology

Project Sponsor: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Mental Health MAP is an initiative to collect and compile open data sources to quantify and forecast mental health needs in Texas communities. This project currently features a collection of focused dashboards on topics including healthcare infrastructure, youth, and substance abuse.


Ingram School of Engineering

EEG data can be utilized to detect and predict, cognitive fatigue in manual material handling workers. Understanding when an employee becomes mentally fatigued and how this can affect their physical performance is crucial in improving productivity in repetitive tasks on a factory floor.

New Braunfels Heritage Tribute

Ingram School of Engineering

Project Sponsor: Ylda Capriccioso - New Braunfels Parks and Rec Dept.

With the guidance of the New Braunfels Parks and Rec Dept, a new feature will be designed, built, and installed on a chosen hole of the Landa Park mini golf course. Our team is creating multiple obstacles that will increase engagement and immerse players in New Braunfels' rich culture and heritage.

Roadway Asset Survey System

Ingram School of Engineering

This project proposes a cost-effective method for roadway asset surveys. Compared to expensive professional survey vehicles, this approach will simply require a smartphone. The approach will be processed based on three key technologies: machine learning, image processing, and GIS.


McCoy College of Business

Sustainable Cultivation and Advancement of Local Enterprises for Underserved Populations (ScaleUp) is focused on researching the unique challenges affecting minority-business growth and developing practical tools to help overcome these challenges.

Scaleup logo


Department of Physics and Department of Computer Science

SpExoDisks is an astronomical database for Exoplanet-forming Disks, with a web interface for community access worldwide. The database combines 1000+ spectra from 450 stars from the most advanced telescopes on Earth and in space, including JWST, and provides data access with a highly interactive GUI.


Texas State University

The TXST CIEDAR Consortium is building 14 smart living labs on 800 acres. It will be over 1 million square feet of construction housing 6,000 researchers focused on the following sectors: Cities, Utilities, Energy, Water / Wastewater, Mobility, Buildings & Infrastructure, Networks, Sensors, Big Data and Software.



TXST New Ventures Accelerator Program

Yumlish empowers people with chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, to take charge of their health. We have pioneered a whole person approach that considers cultural heritage, socioeconomic factors, and lifestyle to provide digital nutrition therapy that aids weight loss and reduces A1C. Our approach cuts healthcare costs for employers and reduces readmissions for health systems.

Celebrating Innovation at Texas State!

Thank you for your time and interest in supporting another year of innovation and entrepreneurship at Texas State!
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