Proposal Submission Instructions

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The following information will be required on the online submission form. Please copy and paste the questions below to take some time to formulate your answers before filling out the online form. To receive a copy of the questions via email, please contact Nicole Anable, Assistant Director of Campaign Management, by email at

The link to the online submission form is below.

  1. Project Title
  2. Name and title of the Project Lead
  3. Net ID of the Project Lead
  4. Department for the Project Lead
  5. Project Leadership
    • List the name and department for other faculty/staff members and other constituents on campus involved in the proposal.
  6. Big Idea
    • Project Description (250 words or less)
    • How does this project align with one of the six Big Ideas?
    • How does this project leverage institutional strengths?
    • How does this fit with the 2017-2023 University Plan?
  7. Impact
    • How will this project impact our campus?  Why do we need this project at Texas State?
    • How will this project impact our students, community, region, state, or world?
    • What is the anticipated timeline for implementing this project?
    • How would you measure impact over time?
  8. Resources
    • What grants and funding have you already received towards this project?
    • How does this project harness preexisting resources on campus?
    • Do you anticipate supporting this project through funding from other areas outside of philanthropic gifts?
    • What additional resources do you need to deliver on the project described?  Please include cost estimates for all elements of the project.
  9. Implementation and Sustainability
    • If given current use funding, what is the minimum required to move forward with implementing the project? 
    • How long will it take to begin showing impact?
    • Is it anticipated to continue beyond three to five years?  If so, what is the anticipated annual budget requirement to sustain the project?


Big Ideas Proposal Online Submission Form

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